Since 1856 the name of Abingdon King Dick has been recognised as a world-renowned manufacturer of quality engineering tools. Originally Abingdon Engineering, the company made a variety of goods, such as gear boxes, chains and motor cycles. In the early 1900s the decision was taken to concentrate solely on the manufacture of professional quality tools.

It was at this time that the KING DICK name and logo was adopted. The Abingdon family bred show-winning bulldogs, most famous of which was a dog called King Dick. Bulldogs were seen as being symbolic of British tenacity and strength of character and often appeared with the symbol of John Bull, the British equivalent of America's Uncle Sam.

That name and symbol stands for quality and excellence today, just as it did over 100 years ago. During the manufacturing process, still carried out at Birmingham (England), tight controls are in place to verify that all critical tolerances have been realised. Only when proven, will the tool be released to the next manufacturing operation. This means that each and every batch of KING DICK products have already been through numerous inspection procedures before reaching the final and uncompromising quality inspection.

Many of the world's classic cars were originally supplied with KING DICK tool kits and KING DICK still supply some of the world's leading luxury car manufacturers.

aaqualitytools are proud to represent KING DICK and aim to live up to the high standards that the KING DICK name represents.

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