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At aaqualitytools we believe that quality matters. The phrase "you get what you pay for" has never been more true than today. With the advent of cheap foreign imports, you can buy cheap tools but they are not made to last and cannot be relied upon not to let you down when precision and durability matter. The unfortunate thing about selling King Dick tools is that we cannot rely on repeat business. Once you own a set you are unlikely to ever have to replace it, unless you lose an item. Most King Dick products are guaranteed for life and that's the life of the product, not yours! When aaqualitytools first became associated with KING DICK we wanted to demonstrate to a few major customers just how long these tools last and for how long they maintain their original manufacturing tolerances. One of our employees remembered from his youth his late father's tool kit and found King Dick Whitworth spanners still in serviceable condition. KING DICK have since dated them as 1936 and 1947.

When aaqualitytools was formed our aim was to make the KING DICK quality tool range more widely and readily available. We now have customers not only in the UK but also in the US, Australia and Japan. We firmly believe in quality - not only the quality of the product we sell - but also the quality of the service we offer. Customers are becoming more demanding - they want a fast efficient service. If they need to purchase a tool for a specific task, they don't want to have to wait weeks for delivery. aaqualitytools can offer that service. Goods are shipped direct to the customer from the King Dick factory - so items are rarely out of stock. Once payment is received, goods are normally despatched the same day and delivery to UK addresses is usually within 3 working days.

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